ARM TechCon 2013 : Thanks for visiting us

Thanks for visiting us at ARM TechCon 2013.

Visitors could experience the amazing performance of ODROID-XU+E.

ODROID-XU+E is connected to WQXGA(2560 * 1600) monitor via DisplayPort.
The OS is Ubuntu13.10. Thanks Mauro for your sleepless work for it.
We had 6-8 task windows at the same time, Chrome browser, game, Arduino compiling, CPU usage monitor, Terminal window for kernel build, etc. It worked all perfect without any delay.
People could also develop Arduino control app on ODROID-XU+E.

We had another demo for OpenCL. Thanks Imagination Technologies for the demo apps. The realtime image processing via OpenCL saves around 20% of the total power consumption.


Special thanks to Rob,
Your speech at the show attracted people. You caught eyes of all the people at the exhibition. You might not be aware of, but there were hundreds of people focusing on you.


See you all next year.