Save $30 with ODROID-XU Lite

Introduction of ODROID-XU Lite @$139

ODROID-XU is Samsung Exynos-5410 Octa-core based single board computer for developers.
It has 4 big Cortex-A15 cores and 4 small Cortex-A7 cores. The clock frequency of big cores is 1.6Ghz.
The XU board was launched in August-2013 and used for various applications with outstanding performance and various peripherals.

Recently we got the 1.4Ghz version of Exynos-5410 with relatively much lower price.
So we announce the lower cost version of ODROID-XU for may cost sensitive projects.
The price of XU-Lite is only US$139 while XU is US$169.
Yes, it is $30 cheaper. All other features are exactly same only except the clock frequency of Cortex-A15.

Here is a comparison chart of performance. We measured the performance with the Antutu on Android platform.

The difference of the performance is around 8%.