Celebrating the beginning of our Third Year of ODROID Magazine!

To celebrate the beginning of our third year, we released a shiny new website for the Magazine earlier this month that includes a searchable article index, user manuals, and a separate Spanish version. Everyone on the staff works very hard to produce the best issue possible each month, and we are proud to say that we have a consistent readership of 10,000 ODROIDians and growing.


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 ODROID Magazine is a free monthly PDF e-zine available for download at http://magazine.odroid.com as a service to the open-source world-wide ODROID and ARM communities. This cutting-edge online publication brings you the latest ODROID news, as well as featured articles from the expert community that has grown around the amazing ODROID family of micro-powerhouse computers. Intended for all levels of users, ODROID Magazine offers definitive guides for new owners, with easy-to-follow tutorials on setting up your ODROID, installing operating systems and software, troubleshooting common issues, and playing both modern and classic games. For more experienced users, we feature expert tips, programming examples, DIY projects, and other advanced technical topics on exploring new ways of making your ODROID even more versatile. ODROID Magazine is an ideal opportunity for our growing international community to come together to share and contribute articles, so that everyone can be successful with their ODROID. Community members are encouraged to send their submissions and article ideas to odroidmagazine (at) gmail.com. Published authors are eligible for free monthly gift awards from the Hardkernel store at http://www.hardkernel.com. Article guidelines are posted at http://bit.ly/1ypImXs.



Rob Roy : Editor-In-Chief

“All of the contributors constantly amaze us with their innovations, and some of the highlights from the last two years include a soccer-playing robot, electronic grape synthesizer, a fully automated Pixar lamp with a sassy personality, a Wall-E clone, and an inexpensive yet powerful quad-copter drone. Our regular columnists like Tobias, Venkat and Nanik write fantastic in-depth tutorials and reviews that help our readers find new ways to work with and enjoy their ODROIDs. We always feature more than a few games in each issue as well, since ODROIDs can emulate so many different platforms. My favorites include the wonderful DOS-based games from our childhood, along with modern Android games like Clash of Clans, Beach Buggy Racing, Hearthstone and Five Nights at Freddy’s. We look forward to continuing to produce the best magazine that we can, and are expanding our staff this year with a few more assistant editors. I hope that the ODROID community continues to send us great and fascinating articles, since the community is what really makes our publication thrive.”


Bruno Doiche : Senior Art Editor

“ODROID Magazine is more than a project in that some months we toil hard. It is extremely humbling to work side by side with so many talented folks, and to see the power of a community that keeps building its knowledge using the ODROIDs for different reasons, such as gaming, server, hacking, and robotics. I think that we all have the brightest future ahead of us, and what is even better, having endless fun!”

Manuel Adamuz : Spanish Editor

“ODROID magazine is awesome. I have learned to do many things from reading it, such as flashing images, installing and updating the OS, installing and playing games and emulators, and much more. One thing that I love about ODROID magazine is that it has articles for all levels. No matter if you’re a beginner or an expert in Linux, It has something for everyone. I hope that people keep writing articles that are so good and extensive, although that means that I have more work as a Spanish translator 🙂 Happy anniversary!”

Nicole Scott : Art Editor

“Cheers to the third year ODROID Magazine! So much has happened in such a short time. I’m continually impressed with all the developments in ARM technology in both hardware and software. Working on the magazine is both fun and rewarding, as well as a great conversation starter. Having learned so much with each issue, I look forward to seeing what the ODROID inventors, developers, and computer science enthusiasts come up with next!”

James LeFevour : Art Editor

“It’s amazing how much expertise and geeky knowledge gets poured into this magazine every month. I am blown away by how much there is to learn about ODROIDs, and especially how much enthusiasm it promotes. I love being a part of this team!”