What is Hardkernel RMA Policy?
  • Warranty period
    – 16 weeks
  • During Warranty Period
    – A shipper pays for the shipping cost in any case for RMA.
    You need to pay for the shipping cost from your country to our office, and Hardkernel pay for the shipping cost from Korea back to your country.
    Hardware damage by user’s misuse is not covered by warranty.
  • After Warranty Period
    – RMA requester should pay for the shipping cost for both way.
    The products might not be fixed if the hardware damage is serious (i.e., CPU/PMIC/PCB is broken permanently)
    Note! There might be additional service charge if the hardware needs any rework/repair process.

Please visit ODROID official FORUM for technical help. We do not offer any technical service via email or phone.


Yes. Volume discount is available when you choose bank transfer for payment. Please check each product’s tier price table.

Our price does not include taxes, tariffs, brokerage fee and any related charges. Customers outside of the South Korea may be subject to customs fees and/or import duties and taxes, which are levied once a shipment reaches your country; you should contact your local customs office or tax authority for information specific to your situation.

Additionally when ordering from this website, you are considered the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which you are receiving the goods.

If your location is extended or remote area, there might be additional surcharge request for shipping.

If you are not familiar with import process, please purchase items in your local. You are responsible for all the import process when you purchase items overseas. There might be tax and duty and its related cost.
Hardkernel Co., Ltd will not be held responsible for international orders that never make it past your countries customs office. Please check with your customs office before placing your order. No refund will be given for items that are seized by your local custom’s agents or abandoned/destroyed items. If the customer refuses to pay these extra charges, the return shipping and any additional fees will be taken out of the cost of the order. In the event that the extra charges exceed the value of the order, we may charge those amounts to the credit card originally used for the order.

You can use Paypal or international bank transfer.

-For PayPal, your ship-to address must match with paypal address.

-For Bank transfer, please send us the evidence of your payment. It will shorten the delivery time.

Your order will not be dispatched.

We do not support delivery to P.O. Box / Parcel Locker / Military area.

We do not ship to Korea in this page.

If you need to receive order in Korea, please change language in Korean or simply visit HERE

We cannot make any amendments to an order once it has been submitted; this is due to us processing your order immediately after the order has been placed. If you require an amendment to your order which includes increasing the quantity of an item purchased, adding additional products to your existing order, or merging multiple orders into one shipment, we are unable to process this, and your order will need to be cancelled.
To cancel your order, you can submit a cancellation request with our Sales Team via email. Please note, as we aim to process your order immediately after it has been placed, we cannot guarantee a successful cancellation of your order. If order is already processed, any request of change or cancel might not be accepted.

Normally it will be dispatched within one week after your payment when we have stock inventory.

If not, it may take 4~7 weeks for production lead time.

We use either FedEx, DHL or EMS (not able to choose) and it takes around 1 week for delivery after the dispatch all over the world. But it might take longer if there is unexpected cases.

If your location is extended or remote area, there might be additional surcharge request for shipping.

Based on your delivery address and order weight, we will use FedEx / DHL / EMS. Which are not able to choose.

Tracking number will be sent to your registered email.

Fedex : http://www.fedex.com/
DHL : http://www.dhl.com/en.html
EMS : http://service.epost.go.kr/iservice/ems/ems_eng.jsp

Refund / Exchange will not be accepted once your order is dispatched. We will not be responsible for shipping and handling on returned/abandoned items in any case.

Unfortunately, we don’t offer any customization service.


What’s an ODROID?

The ODROID means Open + Droid. It is a development platform with hardware as well as software.

Here is a brief history of ODROID

ODROID : The world first Android mobile game console development platform with S5PC100 (2009′ Fall)
ODROID-T : The world first Android 10.1″ tablet development platform with Exynos3110 (2010′ Springl)
ODROID-S : An affordable Mobile development platform with Exynos3110 (2010′ Summer)
ODROID-7 : E-Book/CNS development platform with Exynos3110 (2010′ Fall)
ODROID-A : The world first Dual-core and 3G modem integrated tablet development platform with Exynos4210 (2011′ Spring)
ODROID-PC : Internet TV and Smart Set-top box development platform with Exynos4210 (2011′ Winter)
ODROID-A4 : Palm sized Handheld Mobile and Media player development platform with Exynos4210 (2012′ Spring)
ODROID-Q / ODROID-Q2 : The world first ARM Quad-Core integrated tablet development platform with Exynos4412 and 4412 Prime (2012′ Summer)
ODROID-X : The world lowest cost ARM Quad-Core development board with Exynos4412 (2012′ Summer)
ODROID-X2 : The upgrade version of ODROID-X with 1.7GHz Exynos4412 Prime and 2GB RAM (2012′ Fall)
ODROID-U2 / ODROID-U3 :  Micro sized open development platform which is powered by Exynos4412 Prime. (2012′ Fall)
ODROID-XU / ODROID-XU+E : The world lowest cost ARM Octa-Core big.LITTLE board computer with Exynos5410 (2013′ Summer)
ODROID-XU3 : The world’s first HMP enabled ARM Octa-Core big.LITTLE board computer with Exynos5422 (2014′ Summer)
ODROID-W : The Raspberry Pi software compatible miniature computing module based on BCM2835 SoC (2014′ Summer)
ODROID-C1 / ODROID-C1+ / ODROID-C0 : The world’s most affordable ARM Quad Core board computer (2014′ Winter)
ODROID-XU4 / ODROID-XU4Q : The upgrade version of XU3 comes with Gigabit Ethernet and USB 3.0 host ports (2015′ Summer)
ODROID-C2 : ARM 64-bit quad-core single board computer (2016′ Spring)
ODROID-HC1 / ODROID-HC2 / ODROID-MC1 : Home Clouds and Servers (2017′ Fall)
ODROID-GO / GO Advance / GO Super : Our 10th anniversary project, back to gaming (2018′ Spring)
ODROID-H2 / H2+ : First X86 inside (2018′ Fall)
ODROID-N2 / N2+ 4GByte RAM and 2GByte RAM : More powerful, more stable, and faster performing (2019′ Spring)
ODROID-C4 : The main CPU is built with a quad-core Cortex-A55 cluster with a new generation Mali-G31 GPU. The A55 cores run at 2.0Ghz without thermal throttling using the stock heat sink allowing a robust and quiet computer. (2020′ Spring)
ODROID-HC4 / with OLED : Home-Cloud network storage solution, variation of ODROID-C4 (2020′ Fall)
ODROID-M1 4GByte RAM / 8GByte RAM : with a wide range of useful peripherals developed for use in a variety of embedded applications. (2022′ Spring)