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june.jpg SEPTEMBER ISSUE– Playing Sega Games in HD 1080p: A Blast from the Past
– Linux Gaming: Playing Native Games on the ODROID – Part 1
– Building an All-In-One DIY Laptop: Take Your U3 Anywhere
– Bash Basics: Shebangs and Shebangs
– Installing Freedomotic: A Building Automation Framework
– Installing WICD: A Network Connection Manager
– 3Dponics: An Open Source ODROID-Powered Gardening System
– Wall-E: Building Your Own Robot At Home – Part 1
– Weather Forecast on the Desktop: What Chance Is There to Catch Fish Next Weekend?
– Digging (Into) the ODROID-SHOW: Part 2 – Making Connections
– Headless 10-Node ODROID-U3 Cluster: The Ultimate Affordable Home Supercomputer
– Android Development: Inside the Android APK
– Meet an ODROIDian: Tobias Schaaf, Linux Ninja and ODROID Enthusiast
june.jpg AUGUST ISSUE– Android Development: Using the Linux Kernel – A Guide to the Android-Specific Drivers
– Mount Your Internal SD Card When Booting from eMMC in Linux
– Introducing the ODROID-W: A Miniature Raspberry Pi-Compatible Wearable Computer
– Search with Google BBS: What if Google Were Invented in the 1980’s?
– Fixing Android Overscan: A Simple App to Change the Desktop Resolution
– All About Hardkernel’s eMMC Modules: The ODROID Advantage
– Linux Kernel Compilation: Get Full Control of Your Operating System Like a Linux Jedi
– Youtube Player Alternative: Use Tampermonkey to Watch Videos
– Interesting Linux Commands Part 1: Cute Programs For Your Next Coffee Break
– ODROID-U3 vs. ODROID-U3+: The Next Generation in the ODROID-U Series
– Install a Home Web Server: Using Lighttpd and Nginx to Publish Your Websites
– Interesting Linux Commands Part 2: Cute Programs for Your Next Coffee Break
– ODROID-VU Affordable 9” USB HDMI Touch Screen: A Portable Multitouch Screen for Android, Linux and Windows
– PepperFlash Chrome Plugin for Lubuntu 14.04: An Easy Way to Watch Adobe Flash on Your ODROID Linux System
– Android Gaming: Mupen64Plus – Turn Your ODROID Into a Nintendo 64 Retro Gaming Console
– IO Shield Demystified: How to Create an Intermediary Between the Hardware and the Human
– Digging (Into) the ODROID-SHOW: Unlock the Arduino Hardware’s Full Potential
– OS Spotlight: Pocket Rocket and Couch Potato – Android 4.x Prebuilt Images for the Ultimate Set-Top Box, Now Available in KitKat
– Meet an ODROIDian: Bo Lechnowsky, Expert Maker and Inspirational Inventor
june.jpg JULY ISSUE  – High Performance Computing at Home: Cluster User and File Management
– Bash Bang! Because Command Line Never Gets Out of Fashion
– Find What You Need With Grep: The Quick Way to Look for Content
– Using Xbox 360 Controllers with Android: Configure Them With Retroarch and Play Thousands of Games
– Convert an OS Image to Run on an ODROID-XU: Upgrade Your Linux Software to Match Your Shiny New Hardware
– Control Your Bandwidth: Know Your Interface I/O Status
– Security: Control Your User Access
– OS Spotlight: GameStation Turbo, An Inside View of the Popular Gaming and Media Center Image
– Fractal Generators For Linux
– Portable Solar Computing: Power Your ODROID Using Free Energy From the Sun
– Building Native Android Applications with Red: Part 2 – Compiling an Android App
– Easy ODROID-X/X2 Dual Boot Switch: Boot From Android or Linux with a Flick of a Button
– Liquid Cooled ODROID-XU
– Remote Desktop for ODROID-U3: Using VNC & XRDP Protocols
– ODROID Powered Off-Road Unmanned Ground Vehicle! Part 2: Interfacing with Motors and Sensors
– Change Your Heartbeat: Controlling the Alive LED on the U3
– ODROID Weather Board: Intelligent Weather Monitoring on Your ODROID
– Meet an ODROIDian: Denis Odintsov (@Oversun), Black Belt Programmer and XBMC Expert
june.jpg JUNE ISSUE  – Programming Your ODROID-SHOW: Using the Rebol Programming Language to Improve the Hardware Interface
– Recompiling Mali Drivers: Updating to the Latest Release (R4P0-00Rel1)
– Got Wiimote? Make Yourself An Awesome Gyroscopic Mouse
– Package Your Compiled Software for Installation: Compiling Doom – Part 2
– Describing the Mathematical Function Atan2: A Useful Tool For Programming Applications That Require Real-Time Trigonometry
– Framebuffer Terminal Console For Those Gui-Less Moments
– Installing Mathematical Tools From the Ubuntu Software Center: Create Beautiful 3D Graphs For Your Office and Impress Your Colleagues
– Android Image Files: A Peek Into the Compressed Files That Make Android Portable and Lightweight
– Resizing Android Partitions: Make Full Use Of Your Large SD Card Or eMMC
– Quick Pictorial Guide For Resizing An Android SD or eMMC
– How to Feed Your Cat Over the Internet: A Guide For Attaching Step Motors to the ODROID-U3
– Make a Custom Lego Case For Your U3
– How to Enable Multi-Channel Audio Output with XBMC: Using the USB-S/PDIF Peripheral to Deliver Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
– Travel Back in Time with Telnet: Dust Off That Old 1200 Baud Modem
– OS Spotlight: Dream Machine and Whisper
– Meet An ODROIDian: Ruppi Kim, One of the Founding Members of Hardkernel
may.jpg MAY ISSUE  – Android Booting Process: Understand the Innards of How Your ODROID Boots Up to Android

– Pipe Viewer: Get More Interactive With Your Data Progress Tools
– The Force is Strong with Traceroute
– How to Compile Doom on Your ODROID: Play this Timeless Classic Custom Compiled for Your Machine
– Recompile the Mali Video Drivers: Fixing the “Blank Screen” and “Slow Windows” Issues when Upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04
– 2 Systems, 1 ODROID, Pure Fun! How to Make a Dual Boot System with Android and Ubuntu
– Getting Started with Your ODROID: How to Copy an Image File to an SD Card or eMMC
– Get Yourself a Little More Personality on Your Sudo
– Find Your Larger Files on Your Directory
– Split a Huge File
– On the Thermal Behavior of ODROIDs: The Performance Difference Between the XU and U3 in Greater Detail
– Indiegogo Campaign Promises ODROID Compatibility With Stretch Goal
– ODROID-SHOW: A Powerful Mini LCD Screen for the U3
– ODROID-UPS Kit: The Zero-Downtime Solution For the Rest Of Us
– OS Spotlight: Fully Loaded Ubuntu 12.11 With Unity 2D Desktop Environment
– Monitor Your Linux with Nmon
– Build an ODROID-Powered Off-Road Unmanned Ground Vehicle: Part 1 – Overview, Platform Assembly, and Power Distribution
– Meet an ODROIDian: Simone (@Sert00), A Long-Time ODROID Enthusiast and Helpful Computer Expert
APRIL ISSUE – Build Android on ODROID-U3: From Scratch to Smash, Take Total Control of Your Android System
– Shairport: Turn Your ODROID to an iTunes Airport Audio Station
– Portable Image Backup: Creating a Recovery File for Your Favorite Operating System
– Rename Your Files from Uppercase to Lowercase in One Command Line
– Protected Yourself from Superuser Accidents
– Build Your Own Ubuntu From Scratch: Using Linaro’s RootFS To Compile Linux Like a Pro!
– How to Install the Oracle Java Development Kit (JDK) Version 8: Save Time with Java’s “Code Once, Run Anywhere” Architecture
– Using ODROIDs in High Performance Computing: What a Difference a Kernel Makes
– Android Gaming: Vector, Parkour Packed Action
– How to Setup a Minecraft Server: Creeeepers!
– Download Youtube Videos to Watch Offline
– Create a Papercraft Doll to Go Alongside Your Minecraft Server
– Learn Rebol: Writing More Useful Programs with Amazingly Small and Easy-To-Understand Code
– Be Heard With Ubercaster: A Real-Time Audio Broadcaster Hotspot
– ODROID-U3 I2C Communication: Inter-Integrated Circuits for the Rest Of Us
– Heavy-Duty Portable Linux Tablet with LTE Router
– How I Built a Truck PC with my ODROID: Nevermind the Products on the Market, Get the Most Bang for Your Buck!
– Meet an ODROIDian: Marian Mihailescu One of Our Top Forum Contributors

MARCH ISSUE– Booting a Linux Distribution from an External USB Drive: The most popular article request from our user forums
– Use Your ODROID as a Playstation 3 Media Server: Chill Out in Style Between Gaming Sessions
– Android Development: Inspecting the Android Source Code Under a Microscope
– Keep Your ODROIDs Up To Date: Don’t Miss the Chance to be Running the Latest and Greatest Kernel Release
– High Performance Computing in the Home: Setting up an HPC Head Node
– Flappy Bird: Installing the Original Game
– How to Know When Your Cat is Napping: A Guide for Attaching Sensors to the ODROID-XU
– Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr: Now Available for the ODROID Platform!
– Learn Rebol: Writing More Useful Programs with Amazingly Small and Easy-To-Understand Programs
– Learn Red: The Next Evolution of Rebol – Part 1
– Web Development with Code Monkey and Quiet Giant: Using ODROIDs to Build a Successful Business
– Reboot Your Ubuntu after Installing CPUFreq
– Resize Your Partition
– Meet an ODROIDian: Rob Roy, Chief Editor of ODROID Magazine

FEBRUARY ISSUE– Converting a Monitor to a Giant Android Tablet
– Installing Android on an ODROID: The Mad Scientist Chronicles Continue
– High Performance Computing in the Home: Compute Like You Never Did Before
– Fine-Grained Power Control on ODROID Clusters: 24 High Performance Cores for 35 Watts
– USB Gadget Drivers: Make Your ODROID Communicate with Your Oldschool PC
– Linux Gaming on ODROID: The Right System for Your Games
– Estimating Radio Network Interference With Multi-threaded Java
– Vi/Vim Graphical Cheat Sheet
– How to Install Rebol: A Beginner’s Guide
– Programming with Rebol: Reducing Complexity in Development
– I/O Shield Access: Using the C/C++ Language for ODROID-U3
– Using an ODROID-XU as a WiFi Router: Get to 802.11AC With Style
– The Art of Multi-boxing: 1080p Home Media Center Using Pocket Rocket and Whisper
– Meet an ODROIDian: Mauro Ribeiro, the Software Genius Behind ODROID’s Linux Kernels

JANUARY ISSUE– Getting Started with the ODROID-U3
– Using ODROIDs in High Performance Computing (HPC): ARM Head and Shoulders Above the Competition
– Installing an OS on an ODROID: Chronicles of a Mad Scientist
– Linux Gaming on ODROID: The Next Evolution in Gaming
– Using ODROIDs in Commercial Applications of High Performance Computing (HPC)
– Real-Time Mobile Eye Tracking on the ODROID Development Platform
– Running Linux Programs Under Android: A Guide to Linux Chroot
– IO Ports on ODROID-U3: Get Started with Tinkering
– On the Performance of SD Cards: Know More About Your Storage Options
– Playing Youtube Content on Linux
– ODROID-U3 vs. ODROID-U2: Check the Difference from the Last Year Hardware
– ODROID-U3 vs. Raspberry Pi: Need More Bang for Your Buck? U3 Will Get You There!
– Meet an ODROIDian: A Personal One-On-One With Justin Lee, CEO of Hardkernel