Good Bye ODROID-U3

Exynos4412 platform has been the most loved products for the last 3 years. The ODROID-X was the first on 11th of July, 2012. And the family models of the ODROID-X2, U2 and U3 followed it. The ODROID-U3 was the latest model with Exynos4412 processor.

We have got the notice from Samsung that Exynos4412 will be discontinued soon. Because their SoC semiconductor production line is upgraded to the next generation like 28nm and 14nm. The Exynos4412 was made with the slightly old 32nm process. The more critical reason is that Samsung DRAM memory production has moved to the LP-DDR3/DDR4 technology while Exynos-4412 can use only the old LP-DDR2 memory which must to be pre-assembled on the SoC (Package-on-Package). So there is no way to keep buying the key component securely anymore to make the U3.

The ODROID-U3 was the most loved model by Hardkernel members. We have tried to keep this model even the price increases. The price of ODROID-U3 was $65.00 and we had to increase it to $69.00 this year due to material cost increase. But, we cannot make the ODROID-U3 even at higher price now.

We are really sorry that we couldn’t expect this situation earlier, and that caused any inconvenience who needs more U3 boards.

Now, the ODROID-XU4 will replace the position with the next generation processor, Exynos5422 Octa-core. The ODROID-XU4 has better performance and better connectivity with similar price range. We will make a long term plan with ODROID-XU4 supporting for a couple of years.


from Hardkernel members.