Feel the sound!!

The nostalgic 20 year-old Macintosh analog amplifier meets 21st century audiophile.

The C1+ HiFi Shield is a high-resolution Digital to Analog Converter(DAC) for the ODROID-C1+. This is a special sound card for the C1+, that is optimized for the best fidelity audio playback quality. It delivers a nicely balanced sound, solid, deep, wide and nicely layered.

We’ve analysed the the audio quality of the HiFi Shield DAC output with the famous industry standard equipment, Audio Precision. The Audio Precision is a high performance audio analyser optimized for the digital audio product.

The analog output of the HiFi Shield is connected to the equipment and measurement data shows on the host PC.
This picture shows a basic configuration of the set-up. Note that I disconnected the external amplifier when we measured the line-out audio quality.

The Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR)

The Noise Level in dBm
The Frequency Response and RMS output level in dBV
The Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise Ratio  (THD+N)

The FFT spectrum analyzer for 1Khz signal

This is a great idea if you want an audiophile set-up with ODROID-C1+. Enjoy a variable output connecting directly into a power amp or active speakers.