Linux Kernel 4.9 LTS on ODROID-XU4

Hardkernel proudly announces the Linux kernel 4.9 release for the ODROID-XU4 and XU3 platforms.
This LTS(Long Term Support) kernel 4.9 will be actively updated until early 2019.

Key features of the XU4 hardware are working on kernel 4.9.11 as of today.
Cortex-A15/A7 Octacore HMP, HDMI video and audio, USB 3.0, Gbit Ethernet, Mali-T628MP6 GPU, MFC VPU and eMMC HS400 mode are functional now.

There are tons of commits, patches and merges done for the last few months.
Grab the source code from our kernel 4.9 Github branch.

We must say that Samsung OSG(Open Source Group) helped a lot to make the dream comes true.
They contributed 394 patches that modified 15,856 lines of code in kernel 4.9 tree.

We invite you to a Debugging Party in our community forum. We will pull your ideas, comments and applause.
Try and verify Ubuntu 16.04.2 Mate image which launches the kernel 4.9.11 in that forum too.

Let’s enjoy the party together.