New Ubuntu OS image released for XU4 and HC1

kernel4.9.44.jpg your OS to the latest Ubuntu 16.04.3. There has been huge update archived that improve the system and stability.

1. Canonical announced a point release of Ubuntu 16.04.3 a couple of weeks ago.

2. Kernel has changed to 4.9.44 from 4.9.27. There are tons of patches to improve system features.

3. Modern Uboot-2017 has been ported to support the KVM virtualization as well the PXE/TFTP features.

We are happy to release a new OS image with all these improvements.

You can find a release note and a download link in this WiKi page.

If you need a headless server image without heavy desktop GUI for your Home Cloud One , refer this page.

If you have any issue, feel free to post it on our community forum.