KES (Korea Electronic Show) has started yesterday. We have revealed our new products.

Our booth #1776








– ARM11 800MHz S5P6450
– 4inch multi touch Display
– Android / WinCE
– Available in November 



















– ARM Cortex-A9 Dual Core Exynos4210
– 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
– 4Port USB Host
– Available in November 








AD Pannel using ODROID-PC
42inch IR type Multi Touch








Added a Printer








There will be official update of our new products soon~~~

BaB Board @半脊雪山 in China

Thanks to University of Incheon Alpine Club for the evidence shot. The picture was taken at the mountain 半脊雪山 in China.

@ Base Camp : around 3400m height, 25.1 degree

@2nd Camp : around 4240 height, 20.6 degree


ODROID BaB Board has digital pressure and temperature sensor and it is connected to Gallexy S through bluetooth connectivity. The temperature is 25 degree at the height of 3400meter.



Android Open Accessory Kits

It’s been a long story that we launch Android Open Accessory Kits.

April Project lauch.
Project name : Android open accessory Kit-Robot
Target launching : Early July
May Robot design and tooling has started
Made first evaluation sample
Google suddenly announced ADK at Google IO. What???
June Add the ADK version and delay the launching schedule 
July Final board ready, tooling finished, firmware debugging
August First customer shipping

Android accessory kit has turned out to be two different models. One is Bluetooth communication. The other is USB communication. The hardware is exactly same except the Bluetooth module. But the firmware is different and not exchangeable. Users need to choose which one is suitable for them. If you still want to change or write your own firmware, you must have a download tool such as a Microchip’s PicKit-3/2.

ODROID-BaB Robot Kit : Bluetooth Accessory Board Robot Kit

Android API is open. So users can have their own app to controll the robot. One example is controlling the robot with google voice recognition API. If your phone has the Bluetooth feature, you are ready to enjoy this great accessory development regardless of Android version.

Controlling hardware with the Android smartphone application is another challenge for developers.
We’ve test our ODROID-A, ODROID-7, Samsung Galaxy-S and Galaxy-S2 Gingerbread 2.3.4 update. But only the Galaxy-S2 doesn’t work with ADK open accessory library. We don’t know why !!