ODROID-M1 with a wide range of useful peripherals

The ODROID-M1 is a single board computer with a wide range of useful peripherals developed for use in a variety of embedded system applications. 8GByte RAM and 4GByte RAM versions are available.

The CPU has four ARM Cortex-A55 processors with low power consumption and high efficiency operation at 2Ghz. A larger 8GB of LPDDR4 DRAM Memory is available. Petitboot pre-installed into the on-board 16MiB of SPI-Flash Memory helps manage various OS and kernel versions easily and supports booting from microSD, eMMC, NVMe, SATA, and USB storage devices. A standard size 22mm x 80mm M.2 NVMe storage device can be directly installed on the ODROID-M1 board. A single native (non-USB) SATA 3.0 port is provided for use with a 2.5inch HDD or SSD NAND Memory storage device. The four-lane MIPI-DSI port can be directly connected to a LCD panel. The two-lane MIPI-CSI port can be directly connected to a camera sensor module. Since Machine Learning has been a trend in this industry, there is a neural network processing unit (NPU) which can deliver up to 0.8 TOPS on the M1 single board computer. A sleek and cool blue M1 Metal Case Kit is an available option to protect your ODROID-M1 board.