Improved Win32DiskImager

We already posted “How to make a bootable SD/microSD/eMMC” in this link.
But few people have met the problem of flashing SD with ‘win32DiskImager’ or ‘dd’ utility.

Those utilities read data from an OS image file and write it to storage media.
But USB host in your PC, USB memory card reader or SD card itself may have problem to perform the secure and stable image copy.

Because of those root causes, the OS image can’t be copied properly or corrupted in SD card.
So I decided to add a feature of verification of written image on the win32DiskImager Ver 0.6.

Basic flow of writing/verification is here!
1. Read 512KB from OS image file to buffer-a.
2. Write 512KB(buffer-a) to SD card.
3. Read 512KB from SD card to buffer-b.
4. Compare buffer-a with buffer-b. If they are different, stop the loop.
5. Increase pointer and goto #1 by end-of-file.

You can download the modified Win32DiskImage binaries in this link. It is working with WinXP/Win7.

Modified source code is here. You need the MinGW and Qt 4.8.4 SDK to compile it.

1. The writing time is almost twice of the original version because of verification process.
2. The file name/path should not contain the 2-byte characters like Korean,Chinese,Japanese and so on.