ODROID at SCaLE : Southern California Linux Expo

We are going to show our ODROID development platform in the SCaLE Exhibition.

The Eleventh Annual Southern California Linux Expo
February 22-24, 2013  (Exhibition date : 23~24)
@ Hilton Los Angeles International Airport

You can find the ODROID in 5th page on this link.

If you want to see the ODROID in the wild, please visit us at booth #67.
Use this 4-digit promo code for your registration.
Promotion code : HARD ( For 40% discounts )

We are going to display various Linux distros and Android.

ODROID-U2 : ARM Ubuntu runs on 1080p Full-HD HDMI screen.


ODROID-U2 : Mali400 OpenGL-ES accelerated Quake3 3D Game on Ubuntu


ODROID-U2 :  OpenNI + OpenCV + OpenGL + PCL with Xtion/Kinect Sensor   (Android)


ODROID-U2 : Full-HD Shooting game (Android)


ODROID-X2 : Fedora 18 runs Web browser and 3D OpenGL-ES 2.0 Benchmarking tool GLMark2-ES2.


ODROID-X2 : OpenSUSE ARM 12.2 runs Web browser and 3D gear rendering.


ODROID-X2 : Xubuntu runs Web browser and Quad-core system monitor.


ODROID-Q2 : Ubuntu runs Software Center and GLMark2-ES2.

Quake3 playing demo by mdrjr;)