ODROID Magazine for November 2014 is now available!

This month, we demonstrate how to enable virtualization on the XU3 with KVM, setup dual monitors with the XU3, install NativeBOINC, evaluate the DOSBox and Fake86 applications for DOS and X86 emulation, install Node.js and Open Media Vault, program a GPS navigation system for an unmanned ground vehicle, and much more!

– KVM Virtualization on the ODROID-XU3: A Brave New World of Computing
– Installing NativeBOINC: A Pictorial Guide
– Infographic: History of Ubuntu
– Building a BOINC Monster: 96 Cores for Only 135 Watts
– Microsoft-Free Mining with Freeminer: Now that Mojang has Set Sail for Redmond, How About An Open Source Game?
– Fake86: An Extremely Fast 8088/8086 Virtualizer
– Linux Gaming: DOSBox Emulator – Play Your Original DOS Games in HD
– Using Dual Monitors with an ODROID-XU3
– OS Spotlight: Code Monkey – Hardware and Software Developer’s All-In-One Operating System Image
– Easily Rotate Your Screen on Android: Defeat Your Virtual Enemies Without Rotating Your Entire Monitor
– Build An ODROID-Powered Off-Road Unmanned Ground Vehicle: Part 3 – GPS Navigation Programming
– Building a Weather Board Application: Create a Miniature Weather Data Collection System
– How to Install Node.js: A Modern Java-Based Web Application Platform
– Open Media Vault: Open Source Network Attached Storage for Debian GNU/Linux
– Meet an ODROIDian: Alexey Guseynov (@kibergus), Software Engineer Extraordinaire