ODROID Magazine – October Issue Available Now!

This month, we show off the new ODROID-XU3, walk through setting up your Xbox 360 controllers with RetroArch, compare the performance of the PPSSPP PlayStation Portable emulator between Linux and Android, get started with building a custom Android application, find out how to use I2C with an Arduino to connect with an ODROID-U3, and much more!

6 Inter-Integrated Circuit Communication (I2C): Establishing a Connection between U3 and Arduino
9 Android Development: Creating a Custom Android Application
14 8-Bit Computing Bonanza: Have Fun Playing Your Favorite MSX Games
15 Linux Gaming: PSP Emulation Comparison Between Linux and Android
20 OS Spotlight: Quiet Giant – A Lightweight LAMP, Samba and Minecraft Server
22 ODROID-XU3: The Fastest Computer Made by Hardkernel So Far!
24 RetroArch: Configuring Xbox 360 Controllers with RetroArch v1.0.0.2+
25 Smartpower: Use and Protocol Analysis
32 All About Debian: An Epic Infographic
33 Tune Your Linux Desktop to Monitor Performance and Weather: Using Conky and Harmattan 3
7 Hardkernel at ARM TechCon 2014: Showing Off the XU3
38 Meet an ODROIDian: Bruno Doiche, Art Editor of ODROID Magazine