We announced the ODROID-GO in 2018 June to celebrate our 10th birthday.
It was amazing and fun to be able to emulate old-school 8-bit retro games with more than expected performance with only the MCU, not the high scale MPU.
The device has been very popular not only for gaming but also for education.

We continued to hear users who wanted to play 16-bit or 32-bit retro games on a handheld device with more advanced features and capabilities.
Therefore we started to research a new platform from early this year and we found a suitable solution
And we’ve spent several months to develop a new 64bit Linux powered device.

This new device ODROID-GO Advance has a modern 64bit ARM low-power quad-core processor(MPU ) as well as wide-viewing-angle 3.5inch LCD.



At this moment, the trial BSP image supports the following systems.
* atari2600
* atari5200
* atari7800
* atarilynx
* gamegear
* gb
* gba
* gbc
* mastersystem
* megadrive
* nes
* pcengine
* pcenginecd
* psx
* segacd
* snes
* psp

Let’s see how it emulates various retro game systems well.

You have to look into this assembly guide video first before playing. Otherwise, you must have a difficult time or regret.

Further technical information : WiKi page ==> https://wiki.odroid.com/odroid_go_advance/start

We are going to send some engineering samples to community developers in the middle of next week to improve the system software.

It will start selling at us$55 from the end of January.