OpenGL ES 2.0 Programming on ARM Linux X11

If you are interested in OpenGL ES 2.0 programming, you may know this famous book.

OpenGL ES 2.0 Programming Guide ( Addison Wesley )

The authors released some example source codes in this link.

We’ve tested the source codes with ARM Ubuntu on ODROID-X/X2/U2 which utilize the Mali GPU accelation in x11 window system.
But a few examples are not working due to some misused APIs. So we’ve fixed them and released the modified source codes.

We’ve tested these examples on the ODROID and captured the running applications.

Chapter 2 : Hello Triangle.


Chapter 8 : Simple Vertex Shader


Chapter 9 : Simple Texture 2D

Chapter 9 : Texture Wrap

Chapter 9 : MipMap2D

Chapter 9 : Texture Cube map

Chapter 10 : Multi Texture

Chapter 11 : Multi Sample

Chapter 11 : Stencil Test

Chapter 13 : Practicle System

OpenGL ES 2.0 Programming on ARM Linux X11

Tip !
You can find a PDF version of this great book with Goolgling. 😉