Pinch zoom without touchscreen in Android platform

ome users raised an issue about “Pinch zoom without touchscreen”.

As you know well, ODROID-X,X2,U2 don’t have multi-point touch screen while Q2 has it.
So there is no way to implement the pinch zoom feature.

But we found a brilliant idea and we are implementing it now.
If you click the scroll-wheel on your mouse, the mouse cursor shape is change to “Magnifier” from “Arrow”.



When you scroll up the wheel in Magnifier mode, Zoom-out events are generated via multi-touch emulator.
When you scroll down the wheel, Zoom-in events are generated.

If you see this video, you can feel how this new feature is great !!
This implementation is still Work-In-Progress. We will fix some bugs and improve the usability.
We are trying to release a new Android update by end of May.