Android for the Embedded System

Do you want to control various GPIO/ADC/PWM/I2C/UART/1-Wire devices on Android?
Quick & Easy to make a nice GUI application with Java on Android ?
Can we call it “Embedded Android” ?

We’ve prepared 5 examples with some proper Kernel drivers for the ODROID-C1.
It is very basic and essential to learn the Embedded Android.
Note that you must update the Android OS image to enjoy below examples.

LED on GPIOs control with ADC input

PWM Duty control GUI

I2C sensor access and Display temperature, pressure, humidity, UV index, illumination and so on.

UART read/write access. You can test Tx and Rx signals.

1-wire access example can read the DS1820 sensor values from two nodes.

Source code and how-to guide are available now!

Android OS image v1.5 for C1 is here.